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Our services

Whether you are a small-, medium-sized business, a public entreprise, an association or even a private person, you can call upon ONCLESAM-PROTECTION's surveillance and protection services.


ONCLESAM-PROTECTION's mission is to prevent any risks that could threaten a company, its employees or visitors. In the field of surveillance - perfomed either by human or material resources - ONCLESAM-PROTECTION guarantees the maximum level of protection and security.

As an expert in security solutions, ONCLESAM-PROTECTION offers dedicated services (including surveillance, mobile security, remote surveillance, airport security, consulting and engineering) for the protection of people and property as well as its crisis management services. We adapt our services to the needs of your business sector, to your needs and expectations to provide a high value-added solution.

ONCLESAM-PROTECTION's security guards or dog handlers monitor properties and protect people in places like buildings, public events, shopping centres, parking lots,  private residences, factories, construction sites, etc.


ONCLESAM-PROTECTION is also specialised in providing replacement for caretakers who are on sick leave or holiday.


Replacement of an absent caretaker (whether skilled or highly skilled)

Our team members are highly motivated and well trained. They play their full role as replacement workers:

- report the requests received from the tenants

- act as an interface between the landlord and the tenants

- inform the latter of the intervention of providers under contract

- conduct flat inventory before the tenants move in or out

- deliver letters, rent receipts

- collect the rents from tenants

- clean common areas;

- rotate refuse bins

- hold office hours

- perform regular walk-through inspections of the entire site

- provide information to the managing agents of common properties


We provide very fast intervention times. On request, a replacement caretaker can be sent to a private residence, a property or common property on the same day. The replaced caretaker will, as far as possible, hand over his workload with clear instructions before leaving his position.


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